East-Lapland Tour

Experience a small part of Urho Kekkonen national park and see acres of pure, pristine, vast wilderness and its great rivers. As the bus tours in the woods you will get to see outstanding sceneries and hear stories about them as well as the unique local residents. During the informative day you will get to enjoy a delicious lunch and local products. This trip is about the relationship between human and the environment, which will give you an idea about the time before war and in the wartime, rebuilding era and what happened after that.

We will start off by taking a bus from Kemijärvi to Savukoski. On our way there the bus drives pass several old Lappish villages and you will hear about their stories from a time in the past up to now. The bus will stop by at Pelkosenniemi war monument.
At Savukoski, there will be a chance to visit Korvatunturi shop that has a wide collection of different Lappish delicacies and handwork from dog fur mittens to seal skin boots.

Visitation at the East-Lapland information centre Korvatunturi. This centre is located in Santa Claus’s homeland has solid wilderness exhibitions that review Urho Kekkonen national park: East Lapland’s nature, animals, hiking, reindeer herding and conservation of nature.

Lunch at Samperin Savotta. Hotel’s name originates from Hugo Richard Sandberg, locally called Samperi. He was a mighty and legendary Lappish man and started his famous logging site 1913 bringing two massive steam locomotives from America to Savukoski. You can have a closer look at this by visiting Samperin Savotta’s bar and its photo displays.

On our way to Salla we will make a quick visit to Kelloselkä, the border between Russia and Finland.

Salla war- and reconstruction era museum that displays the year of 1900 in Kuolajärvi. Did you know that the oldest skis have been found here? They are over 5200 years old! These and many other interesting pieces of history will be revealed to you by an enthusiastic and professional museum guide.

Salla’s Rajakievari is located right next to the museum and displays its traditions and tourisms and skiing history. After the visit we will drive through Salla town centre and have a look at its church. On the return journey we will bypass old wartime anti-tank obstacles. Arrival to Kemijärvi.


54€/person (minimum of 40 people)

59€/person (minimum of 30 people)

The price includes:


  • Travel guide
  • Entrance fee and guide at Korvatunturi and Salla
  • Lunch at Samperin Savotta
  • Pastries and coffee at Salla Rajakievari


The tour is for groups travelling with their own bus or for an additional fee, which should be ordered transportation.

Basic information
Languages spoken Suomi, Ruotsi, English
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