Kemijärvi before and now


At 8.00 o’clock

Departure from Rovaniemi train station.

At 9.00 o’clock

Arrival to Kemijärvi train station.

A local tour guide will walk the group to the nearby historic house museum, Kotiseutumuseo. On arrival, the quests will enjoy coffee and kampanisu pastries that have been made with a local recipe.

Learn about the life of Kemijärvi people one hundred year ago as it’s presented in a hilarious informative way - with a fashion show:”Hulmuavat Helmat Salaiset Pitsit”. Models will be wearing antiquated clothing that used to belong to the people who were famous in Kemijärvi in the old days.  At the same time we will hear the history, way of life and local customs of these people who have lived in the Finland’s northernmost town. These stories and everything you see in the museum reaches back over one hundred years, when there were no electricity or water supply network.

When the museum exhibition is over we will take a car ride to Puustelli – an international art centre. There we will get to see a wide collection of wooden sculptures that were made at The Woodsculpting Week in Kemijärvi.

You will also have a chance to explore crown forest ranger Johan Gebhard’s 1865 built residency. His son Hannes Gebhard was a Finnish business man, professor of financial history and economics, Member of Parliament and founder of Finland’s cooperative system and also one of the founders of Otava publishing company.

After the tour we will continue our journey to the city centre to enjoy a delicious lunch. You will have time to explore the small town and its boutiques like Paapero (Lappish style children clothing) or Sivakka (wilderness and fishing equipment). Discover the local clothing and shoe shops that offer products, which are suitable for living in arctic weather conditions.

At 15.45 o’clock

Back to Rovaniemi by bus.

At 17.05 o’clock

Arrival at Rovaniemi.


  • 119€/person, minimum group size 20 persons
  • 144€/person, minimum group size 10 persons

Price includes: train ticket from Rovaniemi to Kemijärvi, bus ticket from Kemijärvi to Rovaniemi, lunch, coffee with local coffee bread (kampasinu), history of Kemijärvi by funny model show which takes you back 100 years ago, entrance fee and guided tour in International Art Center Puustelli, transportation in Kemijärvi and guided tour in small country town Kemijärvi.


Reservations have to be made latest two days before the visiting day.