A Trip to Hibiny Ski Resort Big Wood, Kirovsk 2019 will be on sale June 2018

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Be among the first to enjoy the magnificent slopes of alpine ski resort Big Wood! Big Wood is located in Kirovsk, in the Kola Peninsula, Russia, 385 km northwest of the town of Kemijärvi, Finland. The altitude, treelessness, snow conditions, low prices, exoticism, good facilities and the long skiing season guarantee you will have a new kind of skiing experience. Nine T-bar lifts, chair lifts and gondola lifts take you on top of the Hiipinä mountain with slopes on both sides. One lift reaches the height of 1047 m, where you can ski down a 2300m slope. Here you will find about 40 km of European level FIS certified slopes of varying difficulty. The area is a modern, popular ski resort with growing international appeal

Departure Saturday

9.15 From Kemijärvi railway station (the train arrives at 9.00) by coach (Möllärin Linjat Oy). Pasi Vierelä, the tour guide will be at the station to greet you. The trip to Russia starts through Salla border control.
17.00 Arrival at Hotel Severnaya (centrally located, spacious rooms). Check in and looking around the area.

Sunday and Monday 

After a solid breakfast you can go and start enjoying the slopes of Big Wood. Our bus will take you from the hotel to Ski Center and bring you back in the late afternoon. If you need skiing equipment, Big Wood ski rental is at your service. You can eat lunch at any of the cafeterias or have a hamburger or some other snack. There are lockers and drying rooms for skiing equipment and clothes at the hotel. The menu at the hotel restaurant includes a selection of traditional Russian and international dishes. You can enjoy delicious sasliki dishes at the Russian-Oriental restaurant round the corner. The bowling and karaoke bar has salads, pizzas and pasta dishes on its menu.  The prices vary from 5-10 € on average, ski passes cost about 23 € /day.

More information on the ski resort and hotel at www.bigwood.ru (in English)

Extra programs:                

There is a training slope for children and beginners in the area. There is a nursery room and a children’s play room where children are looked after by day care professionals. The hotel can arrange wellness services at Tirvas health spa. Ask for information at hotel reception. Those interested in riding can contact www.koni-kirovsk.ru. They speak only Russian, but English speaking personnel at the hotel reception can help you make a reservation.


Visa and MasterCard; the cards must be valid worldwide, not only in Europe. Russian rubles are available at an ATM in Hotel Severnaya lobby.

Return on Tuesday

9.00 Departure from Hotel Severnaya, lunch in Kantalahti, time for shopping
18.00 Arrival in Kemijärvi (the night train leaves at 19.35)



Responsible travel agent Fintravel Kemijärvi 2751/14/MjMv. Transport in co-operation with Mölläri coach company (Möllärin Linjat Oy, Kemijärvi)